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A joint venture for safety

Bombay first, a private-public plan to combat terrorism, has been initiated to propose a security system on lines that the US incorporated after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers and the UK after the 7/7 London bombings.This is...


‘Bounce back as fast as you can’

In an article for the Times of India, David Olive comments on the resiliency of top American corporations to bounce back from disaster. Olive emphasizes that returning to normal is essential to minimize the negative effects of a bomb...


DHS Nominee Expresses Need for ‘Unified Vision’ at Department

In CQ Homeland Security’s coverage of the confirmation hearings for Governor Janet Napolitano, Rich Cooper is quoted as saying the performance from the next Secretary of Homeland Security was “nothing but net.” Cooper also bloggedRead the whole story here,...


The Best Investment in Homeland Security

Following the 9/11 and Anthrax attacks, we as a nation were forced to make a number of investments that were not on any of our national shopping lists. We made drastic improvements to our aviation security; initiated new biological...


Questions for Janet Napolitano

Rich Cooper appeared on In Depth, Francis Rose’s program on Federal News Radio to discuss his latest Security Debrief blog posting about tough questions he proposes asking Governor Janet Napolitano during her confirmation hearings to become the next Secretary...


The inauguration madness

In his monthly column for The City Wire of Fort Smith, Arkansas, David Olive covers the flurry of activity inside the Beltway leading up to the Inauguration of Barack Obama, covering everything from the President-elect’s political appointments to the...


Questions on the Safety of Water Treatment Plants

Vance Taylor appeared on Inside & Out with Randy Larson and Dave McIntyre to discuss the safety concerns regarding water treatment plants.Listen to the whole interview here


Chertoff Joins Bush in Making the Case for a Legacy of Security

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff waxed reflective Thursday on the Bush administration’s success in thwarting terrorism at home over the past seven and a half years while attacks have escalated around the world.“Although I’m always reluctant to crow about...


Politico’s Suite Talk covers Catalyst Partners’ name change

Cat-a-lyst (n.) 1. ‘An Agent That Compels Action’Don’t be fooled by the arrival of Catalyst Partners. It’s the new name of the government relations and public affairs firm Olive, Edward & Cooper.The name change showcases the firm’s growing expertise,...


Opponents of a Separate FEMA Weigh In, Calling Division ‘Short-Sighted’

One of the most drawn-out debates in the Department of Homeland Security’s short history — whether the Federal Emergency Management Agency should be restored to its former status as an independent entity — had some fuel added to its...



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