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Is HSC and its Chief Transitioning Out of the New Administration?

When President-elect Barack Obama introduced key members of his national security team on Dec. 1, there was one official notable only for being absent from the Chicago stage: a new homeland security adviser.Behind the closed doors of the Obama...


“In or Out: Why FEMA Should Remain under DHS Leadership.”

Security Debrief contributor and Catalyst Partners Principal Rich Cooper will participate as a panelist at the Heritage Foundation’s forum titled, “In or Out: Why FEMA Should Remain under DHS Leadership.” The discussion will focus on some of the...


DC Homeland Security Government Relations Firm Expands Practice, Changes Name

Today Olive, Edwards & Cooper, LLC, a government relations firm named by The Hill as one of Washington’s Top Homeland Security firms, announced that it had changed its name to “Catalyst Partners.” The new firm identity goes beyond mere...


Catalyst Partners is featured in The Hill

Olive, Edwards & Cooper has changed its name to Catalyst Partners. Known for its expertise in homeland security, the firm has added several new members this year, such as Randy Beardsworth, a former assistant secretary for strategic planning at...


Disengaged Voters Driving Homeland Security Out of the Campaign

The presidential candidates’ deafening silence on homeland security has a logical explanation: voters have no particular policy preferences on the topic, so there’s no advantage in being specific ...Randy Beardsworth, a principal at Olive, Edwards & Cooper LLC and...


To improve management at Homeland Security, Congress is urged to streamline oversight

In January 2007, after years of wrangling with Republicans over national security issues and debating the findings of the 9/11 commission, Democratic leaders took control of Congress, pledging to fully implement the commission's recommendations. And they mostly did, with...


Congress, heal thyself

When George Washington announced in 1783 that he was voluntarily giving up his reins of power and retiring as commander in chief of the Continental Army, an incredulous King George of Great Britain remarked, “If he does that, he...



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