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Evolution of SAFETY Act – A Discussion with Akmal Ali and Matt Nebel

Akmal Ali and Matt Nebel partnered with the International Association of Venue Managers to discuss SAFETY Act and developments in protective design for sports venues and other facilities.


Quieting the Noise: A Simple Guide on How to Address Emerging Threats

With an endless list of attack scenarios, venue operators must thoughtfully consider mitigation strategies to address the persistent threats from bad actors.


Why Cars, Produce are Taking a Hit from Trump’s Latest Border Moves

Gary Becker spoke with PBS about the Trump administration’s decision to temporarily reassign inspectors away from ports of entry to focus on migrants and the implications border wait times and trade.


Akmal Ali – Helping in the Homeland

The Sports Business Journal published an article covering the background, motivations and expertise of Catalyst Partners Principal and SAFETY Act expert Akmal Ali.


Improving DHS Rulemaking through Public Comments on Regulatory Costs

Though regulations are intended to advance public wellbeing, during the rulemaking process, federal agencies often make missteps in factoring potential costs imposed by regulatory actions. This is where public participation in the regulatory process is essential.


Regulatory Accountability Act – How You Can Help Improve DHS Regulations

The regulatory process needs public input to guide how rules are designed and implemented. This means businesses, organizations and individuals should take part through public comments. It could help you save money.


Ten Things: Preparing for When ‘Bad Things’ Happen

In a recent post, legal expert Sterling Miller writes about the critical role SAFETY Act plays in effective emergency preparedness and liability coverage and notes David Olive's expertise on the subject.


Akmal Ali Discusses SAFETY Act Designation for Sports Teams and Venues

Catalyst's SAFETY Act Practice lead Akmal Ali was interviewed by Sports Business Daily about his experiences helping the New York Yankees become the first Major League Baseball team to attain SAFETY Act designation and certification.


Free Webinar: Shaping Your Company's Future with the SAFETY Act – September 4, 2013

The purpose of the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter potential providers of anti-terrorism technologies from developing and commercializing products and services that could save lives....


Security Ramped up For All-Star Game

For all the preparation and hard work the American League and National League All-Stars have put into their respective seasons to reach this point, the New York City Police Department’s put in as much, if not more, to ensure...



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