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The Unfortunate Evolution of Terrorists’ Bombs

The CIA’s recent success in interrupting an al Qaeda-inspired plot to destroy an airplane bound for the United States with a non-metallic bomb is an important victory for American security. It is also a harsh reminder that while many...


PS-Prep Finally Gives Us a Winner

A significant part of America’s homeland security efforts is preparing to resist, mitigate and recover from disasters manmade and natural. With the private sector owning the vast majority of U.S. infrastructure, as well as the critical role businesses...


When the Good Go Bad – Secret Service and Military Scandals

The U.S. Secret Service, the TSA and the U.S. Military have all been involved in recent public relations disasters that exposed poor choices on the part of federal employees and disrupted the public trust in government agencies. Fallout continues...


Catalyst Partners Lends Expert Insight in Latest Year in Homeland Security Magazine

The latest edition of the Year in Homeland Security magazine covers a range of homeland issues, offering expert voices that include Catalyst Partner principals Randy Beardsworth, Vance Taylor and Rich Cooper. Beardsworth and Taylor lent their perspective on the...


Homeland Security Budgets In FY 2013

In the 2013 budget requests, states, localities and the Science and Technology (S&T) directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are expected to see a “buzz cut” in funding, Rich Cooper, a principal in Catalyst Partners LLC, told...


Next Steps for Homeland Security in 2012 – Procurement and Oversight

CQ Homeland Security concluded its three-part series on lessons learned and challenges ahead in homeland, asking sources what is the next big move the federal government needs to make? Catalyst Partners Principal David Olive offered several recommendations for both...


Homeland Funding in 2012 – Where to Cut and Where to Spend

In CQ Homeland Security”s second installment of its series asking homeland experts about lessons from 2011 and the path ahead, David Olive offers insight on where homeland dollars should be spent in 2012. With the new year beginning, CQ...


David Olive on the Greatest Threats to America in 2012

CQ Homeland Security asked homeland experts about lessons learned in 2011 and the challenges for the next year. Catalyst Principal David Olive offered his insight: the greatest threat to America no longer comes from a global jihadist group -...


The Mind of a Despot – What Middle Eastern Dictators Don’t Understand

Any student (or casual observer, for that matter) of history has to marvel at the interesting times in which we live. Countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and others in the Middle East that have been ruled for decades by...


Rich Cooper provides perspective in CQ article on Arizona shooting

In an article published in CQ Homeland Security – “Motive Puts Attack on Giffords Outside of Homeland Security Realm” – Catalyst Partner Rich Cooper weighed in on how the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others impacts DHS.From the...



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