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Author Archive: Kevin McCarthy

Modern Threats to Airliners and the World at Large

Less then a month ago, a second massive tragedy struck Malaysia Airlines - the shoot down of MH17 over Ukraine. Was MH17 targeted specifically, an indiscriminate act of violence, or a major tactical error with global consequences? Is this...


Wikileaks and the Elephant in the Room

The world is astir over the data stolen from U.S. government secure facilities by PFC Bradley Manning and passed to the self-proclaimed crusader Julian Assange. This is an unconscionable act of treason and irresponsibility by all involved. Of course...


TSA: Looking for Bad Things, Not Bad People

In watching the news stories, one has to wonder if the TSA is doing Security Theater or do they really believe they are protecting our nation.The basic flaw I see with today’s screening system is that we are looking...


Old-Fashioned Intelligence Stops Air Cargo Terror Operation

This past Friday, in the wake of the developing air cargo terror operation related to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), concealing explosive devices in freight shipments, I was invited to contribute expert commentary to CBS affiliate talk...


Building a 21st-Century Strategy to Counter Piracy and al Shabaab

The piracy question and how to deal with it is huge and is about to become a much larger question in the global supply-chain management continuum. I, like other folks, would like nothing more then to send in the...


It’s Time for TSA 2.0: Let General Harding Focus on Operations

What the TSA needs now is a good makeover; hopefully Major General (retired) Robert Harding is going to be the one to bring in the new broom. TSA has languished for years under a cloud of mistakes, errors and...


Civil Air Patrol’s Role in Homeland Security

Civil Air Patrol's Role in Homeland SecurityThe House has scheduled a Tuesday vote on a bill (HR 1178) to order an assessment of whether the volunteer Civil Air Patrol can help the Department of Homeland Security with aerial reconnaissance...


Resilience starts in the community

National resilience is truly a community effort. I split my time between an office in DC and a home in the mountains of Utah, and one of the most important messages that Washington needs to learn these days is...


Bioviolence and Aviation SecurityBioviolence and Aviation Security

I spent last weekend reading Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime, Barry Kellman, Cambridge, 2007 (reviewed last year by Foreign Affairs). I am impressed with the deep analysis and research that Professor Kellman has put into this issue....


Working Harder, Not Smarter on Cargo Security

With the best of intentions, the United States Congress approved the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 on August 3, 2007, which mandates 100% screening of ALL air cargo traveling on passenger aircraft by 2010.You might...

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