Working with Catalyst Partners, LiveSafe, the leading mobile risk intelligence communications platform, has received SAFETY Act Designation and Certification, the highest level of accreditation awarded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for anti-terrorism technologies. The LiveSafe Platform, including the Mobile App and the Command Dashboard, are now listed on the exclusive DHS Approved Products List for Homeland Security.

“To achieve SAFETY Act Certification, LiveSafe was required to demonstrate in great detail to DHS its internal processes on how it developed and maintains the LiveSafe platform. By achieving this award, customers have an unbiased, independent validation that LiveSafe provides industry-leading capabilities,” said Akmal Ali, principal at Catalyst Partners and a former deputy director of the DHS Office of SAFETY Act Implementation. “Obtaining Certification-level approval from DHS demonstrates LiveSafe’s commitment to providing an effective platform for its customers to maintain situational awareness of its risk and drive critical intelligence to make decisions on safety, security and risk.”

The receipt of both SAFETY Act Designation and Certification means that the LiveSafe Mobile App and Command Dashboard demonstrate proven effectiveness and provide high confidence they will continue to be effective. The accreditations provide government contractor defense that immunizes sellers against claims brought under the SAFETY Act and extends protections to the customers and users of the technology.

“This is a major validation of the technological underpinnings of the LiveSafe Platform and a significant differentiator for us in the market,” said LiveSafe President and CEO Carolyn Parent. “Now our customers and future customers can rest easy knowing that the LiveSafe Platform comes with important downstream liability protections in the event of a terrorist attack and has been vetted against the highest-quality standards available.”

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