If you have a complaint about how you were treated or concerning long processing times when going through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security checkpoints, then contact the TSA Contact Center. Your complaints can help push Congress to allocate appropriate funds to the agency next year.

The table below provides supporting evidence that things have gotten worse over the past year. Using data reported by TSA, processing time complaints to national headquarters have increased by more than 900% on average between winter 2015 and winter 2016. Courtesy complaints have increased nearly 300% in the same time period. These numbers support the position that Congress needs to appropriate more money to TSA.

airport complaints_2015_2016

This is about more than just improving processing times and reducing courtesy complaints. As I have written previously on Security Debrief, complaints to headquarters represent only a portion of those feeling the pain, and the figures above represent only a small percentage of the total population that has been dissatisfied. This has implications beyond aviation security. Poor airport experiences result in decreased airport customer spending, which ultimately affects jobs.

Direct your complaints against TSA to:

[email protected]
Open 8:00AM – 11:00 PM EST, M-F; weekends and holidays, 9:00AM – 8:00PM.