The Heritage Foundation’s Jessica Zuckerman posted another Issue Brief on the need for reform of Congressional oversight jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security. It should be required reading by every congressional candidate – especially the incumbents who are asking the voters to send them back to Congress. Zuckerman calls the morass of overlapping, uncoordinated and unnecessarily expensive oversight the result of “Politics Over Security.” She’s right – and Congress ought to be ashamed that it has allowed this situation to continue for as long as it has.

There is no reason to repeat what Zuckerman so forcefully presented. Rather, I’m still left wanting to know if candidates are paying any attention to this issue? If not, why not?

Where is the candidate who will stand up and push through Congress the final recommendation of the 9-11 Commission? Who will stand up to the entrenched political forces that have prevented the streamlining of Congressional oversight along the lines that Heritage’s Zuckerman outlines? Where is that man or woman who has the courage to make Congressional leadership practice on the Hill what they preach to the White House?

When, if not on the 11th anniversary of the horrible terrorists’ attacks on our country, will the public demand that Congress put “Security over Politics?” Why not now?


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