Since news broke last week about a suspected cyber attack on an Illinois water utility, media, government and industry have probed the ramifications for U.S. critical infrastructure protection (CIP). Though DHS and FBI later found no attack had occurred, the incident does highlight vulnerabilities in the way utilities are secured against cyber threats.

To understand these complex issues, reporters turned to water security expert, Catalyst Partners principal and Security Debrief contributor Vance Taylor.

“It really highlights and really validates the threat that we have been talking about and the vulnerabilities that have existed in the water sector for many years now,” Taylor told Homeland Security Today. “As more and more systems automate their operations and put them on their network, the possibility of exploiting them becomes greater and greater.”

For a robust summary of the hacking incidents and what it means for U.S. CIP, check out these articles in which Taylor explains the threat to America’s water security.

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Also check out Taylor’s analysis of the incidents and the threats they pose in his Security Debrief blog posts:

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