September 1, 2011 by David Olive

Yesterday the 9/11 Commission members got together and talked about their views on what has been learned, and what has been done, since their report was issued several years back. One portion of their discussion particularly resonated – the comments of former Navy Secretary John Lehman:

“Congress ‘has got to shape up,’ Mr. Lehman added. ‘They are now the biggest problem.’”

John Lehman may have engaged in a bit of rhetorical flourish, but the core message is right. Congress needs to reform the way it conducts homeland security oversight.

Is anyone on the Hill willing to lead this effort? If so, they have yet to step forward. And that is a problem in itself.

Many of us believe that Congress needs to do something that it can do. Adopt the 9/11 Commission recommendations on congressional oversight. Stop being part of the problem. Don’t do any more harm.

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