Vance Taylor

Jun 7

Last week, I wrote a blog post, The Final ‘Frontier’ in Corporate Shame, which focused on Frontier Airlines’ lack of sensitivity concerning the accommodation of first-responders during times of national crisis. To their credit, Frontier Airlines has since recognized that there are internal gaps within their corporate policies that prevent them from providing better service to those responding to recognized catastrophes. Even more impressive than recognizing or admitting that gaps exist is the fact that Frontier is now engaged in the process of amending their policies to better meet the needs of America’s heroes. Fantastic!

Too often, companies respond to public criticism by issuing bland apology statements and hunkering down to whether the storm of negative attention. Rarely, however, do they admit they were wrong, work to bring about a positive resolution for the involved parties and then follow it all up by actually changing the way they do business.

How companies deal with adverse circumstances says more about them than how they act under “normal” operations. In this case, Frontier Airlines admitted something should be done – and did it!

With that in mind, let me be the first to offer Frontier Airlines a sincere kudos for responding quickly and positively in this case. For exemplifying the right way to make lemonade from lemons – I tip my hat to the entire Frontier Airlines leadership team. Way to get it done!

Originally posted in Security Debrief.


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