Vance Taylor

Jan 11

To express their discontent, “the people” tossed out many of the old congressional leaders in the hopes of something new. Two weeks into the New Year, I’d say they haven’t exactly found the change they were looking for – at least not on the House Homeland Security Committee, where the only real changes I’ve spotted are the swapping of title placards and room assignments.

When given the opportunity to deliver on their rhetoric about making bold, meaningful and much needed changes to the quagmire that is the current DHS jurisdictional fiasco (the department currently reports to over 100 different committees), the new House Leadership punted and chose instead to maintain the same fangled status quo. Not exactly awe inspiring.

If the election taught us anything, it’s that, as a nation, we’ve grown tired of the rhetoric. Instead of just talking about consolidating jurisdiction, Speaker Boehner and Chairman King should take a cue from Nike and ‘Just do it.’

Actual follow-through, how amazing would that be! Oh well, until then, enjoy your two-year ride on the rhetoric carousel, and we’ll see you again in 2012.

This piece was originally posted in Security Debrief.


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