David Olive

Nov 17, 2010

We have all heard that the best leaders in the private sector, as well as those in government, are those who “lead by example.”

That thought sticks in my mind as DHS and TSA attempt to defend the use of advanced imaging technologies or, in the alternative, more thorough physical inspections. A vocal minority has called this activity a “virtual strip search” and some have called for a boycott of air travel to show their agreement with the “don’t touch my junk” attitude.

One way Secretary Napolitano and TSA Administrator Pistole could help allay the public’s fear would be for each of them to go through the enhanced screening process and do it in front of the television cameras for the whole world to see. If they will actually SHOW us what it is like — be very transparent, if you will — then we will more likely be willing to accept the process ourselves.

So my suggestion is that Napolitano and Pistole step up and lead by example. They should have their images taken and have their bodies inspected just as any traveler will be required to do – but do it in public so that we can all see exactly what is involved.

I would feel a lot more comfortable about this whole debate if our homeland security leaders decided to lead by example. They might be pleasantly surprised at the public support they get.

This piece was originally posted on Security Debrief.


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