Vance Taylor

Oct 13, 2009

Dear Congress:

Over the past year, you’ve made me (and the world) serve as unfortunate witnesses to the death of political civility.  At a time when the economy is in the toilet, when we’re fighting (and perhaps losing) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when healthcare is becoming a fading memory, and we’ve got to worry about Ahmadinejad trying to get his hands on a nuke with all the fervor of a Wall Street fat-cat chasing down a government bailout, you seem more concerned about finding ways to belittle one another than fulfilling the oath to serve.

For a group of soothe-saying silver-tongued pros, Congress has been diving so deep into the rudeness dumpster that you’re making Kanye West look like a southern gentleman.  Gone are the days when elected officials understood that representing their constituents with dignity was part of the job; that in addition to serving as a voice for the people, you are supposed to be exemplifying what’s good about our nation.  

After calling the President a liar, steamrolling the minority for no other reason than because you have the numbers to do it, cheering America’s loss from Olympic consideration, rolling your eyes when discussing a bipartisan solution to winning the war in Afghanistan, and booing the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to our national figurehead (despite the fact that he never even asked to be considered for it) the nation is awakening to a sad truth – nothing is getting done!

Stop your incessant need to do anything and everything possible to help  “the party” get, add, control, or maintain a higher number of seats than the “other” side and start doing your job.  To put it in terms you’ll understand, stop acting a bunch of bratty toddlers and get to work.


This piece was originally posted on Security Debrief.


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