Rich Cooper

Sep 23, 2009

While the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh does not begin until tomorrow, protestors are already making their presence know in the city.  Earlier today protestors (identified as members of Greenpeace) affixed a large banner off the West End Bridge stating, “Climate Destruction Ahead” and “Reduce CO2 Emissions Now.”

While their message may be important and relevant to humanity, their tactics are reckless, dangerous and now first responders have to put their lives on the line to get these morons down.  

Here’s an idea, let them hang.  That’s it… Let them hang there.

These self-proclaimed messengers to the world aren’t blocking traffic.  

They aren’t particularly in the way (unless you’re a pigeon in their immediate flight path) and very frankly these people put themselves there.  They took it upon themselves to execute this stunt. Here’s hoping they enjoy the view for a good, long time.

The Pittsburgh regions first responders have enough on their plates the next forty-eight hours safeguarding the President, the other world leaders and the overall community from those that would like to cause harm and destruction to this event.

These aerial acrobats thought so highly of the West End Bridge to make it their podium, I think they should get to enjoy it even more.  

Who knows, maybe we can hand them a brush and bucket of yellow paint and they can paint the undercarriage of the bridge?  I’m sure it needs it.

The Summit ends the evening of the 25th.  Maybe we can get them down then.  Or maybe some time over the weekend when the traffic dies down.

Until then, let them hang.

This piece was originally published on Security Debrief.


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