Rich Cooper

May 14, 2009

How stupid does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi think we are?  

In a press conference earlier today she declared that the CIA mislead her during their briefings to her on what interrogation techniques were used on captured suspected terrorists.  

This is about the third or fourth different answer she has given to same classic Washington question, “What did she know and when did she know it?” but in her desperation to prove she wasn’t complicit in anything that might disturb her political base she’s continued to dig her hole deeper and deeper.

I guess the grand excuse classics like, “The dog ate my homework,” and “The devil made me do it,” escaped her with all of those TV lights shining on her today.  

Her continued flailing efforts to answer the most basic of Washington questions is astounding to me but since blaming the Bush Administration for everything has been the defacto answer for all that ails America, she thought it to be perfectly acceptable to blame them one more time.  This time though (and for good measure) she decided to throw in the CIA briefers as part of the ongoing conspiracy to keep her in the dark about interrogation techniques.  

Considering her conduct these past few months (calling immigration enforcement “un-American;” questioning the “value systems” of those charged to enforce our laws, etc.), I’d say it’s pretty easy to keep the Speaker in the dark because if the lights were on, it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t anybody home.  Her range of answers to the same question prove it.  

Based upon what she’s told us to date she either knew about the interrogation techniques, went along with them and said nothing (which would make her a complete hypocrite); she didn’t understand what was being told to her (which would make her look really stupid); or she is just way over her head in being able to handle the situation.  

Contrast those positions with those revealed about Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) who at least had the guts and principle to prepare to challenge and question interrogation techniques (at least via letter) after she was briefed on them.  Then Minority Leader Pelosi didn’t seem to have the gumption to do any of those things…. Hmmmmm…  Wonder why?

It’s always amazing to watch someone dig their hole deeper and deeper and deeper every time they open their mouth.  I guess when you’re desperate, you’ll say anything and if you say something stupid in Washington as everyone does, it makes for some very compelling entertainment.

California may have Hollywood; New York City has Broadway but for those of us in Washington DC we have congressional hearings and press conferences.  All of them channel fiction, make believe and imagination and Speaker Pelosi has proven herself to be one hell of an Oscar performer in the high art of elevating excuse-ability.

This piece was originally posted on Security Debrief.


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