Vance Taylor

Apr 24, 2009

For a group that’s dangerously close to being branded as the ‘party of no,’ Republicans have a funny way of showing they can lead.  Republican leaders – spearheaded by Congressman John Carter of Texas – are calling for DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to step down or be fired.  This reaction, in response to the Department’s over-hyped report on extremism, shows that today’s Republican Party has about as much political savvy as Miss California at gay rights’ rally.  My how far the mighty have fallen.

Wednesday night Carter orchestrated an hour of ‘anti-Napolitano’ speeches from the House floor and called on House Minority Leader John Boehner to take the issue to the White House.

Dear Congressman Carter: try using the House floor for introducing, explaining and debating quality legislative proposals; use it to call attention to how conservative values can benefit small businesses and restore the national economy; use it to contribute real homeland security issues like cyber security, aging infrastructure, and immigration Snow in April and a rainy May have some schools districts working overtime to get a season in. reform; use it to add to the conversation of rebuilding America.  Be surprised, but it may actually help the country AND the party may actually win back some seats in the next election.  Crazy stuff, right?

We all love the story of Peter Pan, the boy who never aged, but lately Republican antics like what Carter pulled have soured the tale.  Maybe Peter Pan grew up, but never matured.  Maybe he got elected to Congress, but never lost his penchant for hurling spitballs.  Maybe, just maybe Wendy will show up any day now to save him from himself.

24 hours after the ‘oust Napolitano’ rally on the House floor Leader Boehner proved that even in DC, cooler heads can prevail.  He met with President Obama, but neglected to call for Napolitano’s head on a platter.  Well done.

Next time skip the bitter diatribes, focus on some real issues, and head to the White House with enough substantive solutions to move our nation forward or enough pixie dust to make our problems float away – whichever you think is more realistic.

This piece was originally posted on Security Debrief.


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