By Ariel Alexovich & Jacqueline Klingebiel, Politico

Dec 11, 2008

Cat-a-lyst (n.) 1. ‘An Agent That Compels Action’

Don’t be fooled by the arrival of Catalyst Partners. It’s the new name of the government relations and public affairs firm Olive, Edward & Cooper.

The name change showcases the firm’s growing expertise, having added several prominent homeland security veterans in the past year.

New members who have joined this year include Randy Beardsworth, former assistant secretary for strategic planning for the Department of Homeland Security; David McWhorter, an expert in the SAFETY Act approval process; and Vance Taylor, a critical infrastructure specialist.

“The past year has brought about exciting growth for our firm,” said Catalyst founder David Olive. “With several new senior homeland security additions to our roster — all deserving of their own names on the shingle — we decided our firm name should describe what we do rather than who we are. Every person in our firm contributes to our clients’ successes, and we want our name to reflect how we work with our clients.”

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