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Author Archive: Gary S. Becker

Maryland COVID Crisis Challenges State’s Resilience

Facing rising COVID infections, Maryland is focusing on local solutions to an urgent crisis.


USCIS Still Needs to Improve Application Processing Times

Processing times for many applications are exceedingly long at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and there needs to be a way to shorten them.


TSA Still Needs Work on Courtesy Complaints – Even During the Pandemic

The virus is spreading, and air travel is down. Yet, TSA is continues to receive courtesy complaints from the traveling public.


Questions from CDC for Cruise Ship Public Health Miss Wait Time Factors

Unless federal agencies ask the right questions, they are unlikely to get the answers they need.


Why Has There Been a Substantial Increase in Privacy Complaints to DHS?

The most recent available DHS data show that privacy complaints over the last year have more than doubled. What is driving this huge increase?


TSA Customer Service Complaints Increasing in 2020

This year has been difficult for most people in the United States, including for those working at TSA.


USCIS Proposes New Fees for Asylum Seekers – Do They Make Economic Sense?

A notice of proposed rulemaking reveals USCIS may begin charging $50 for asylum applications.


The Remote ID Proposed Rulemaking is Still Being Delayed

The notion that the UAS proposed rulemaking would be completed by September 2019 seemed unlikely. Indeed, that is the case.


TSA’s Problem with Data Accuracy

The consequences of disseminating incorrect data are vast, and TSA's problems with data accuracy are increasingly evident. This requires action.


UAS Remote ID Proposed Rulemaking Will Not be Completed by September

Some think the FAA proposed rulemaking on unmanned aircraft systems will be ready for the public by July. That is highly unlikely. Here's why.



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