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Homeland Funding in 2012 – Where to Cut and Where to Spend

In CQ Homeland Security”s second installment of its series asking homeland experts about lessons from 2011 and the path ahead, David Olive offers insight on where homeland dollars should be spent in 2012. With the new year beginning, CQ...


David Olive on the Greatest Threats to America in 2012

CQ Homeland Security asked homeland experts about lessons learned in 2011 and the challenges for the next year. Catalyst Principal David Olive offered his insight: the greatest threat to America no longer comes from a global jihadist group -...


Water Security Expert Vance Taylor on Critical Infrastructure Hacking Incidents

Since news broke last week about a suspected cyber attack on an Illinois water utility, media, government and industry have probed the ramifications for U.S. critical infrastructure protection (CIP). Though DHS and FBI later found no attack had occurred,...


Water System Hacks Show the Dangers of Online Access

A recent cyber attack at a water utility in Illinois has sparked debate over how vulnerable U.S. critical infrastructure is to cyber intrusion. CQ Homeland Security's Rob Margetta interviewed Vance Taylor on what the attack means for water security...


The Mind of a Despot – What Middle Eastern Dictators Don’t Understand

Any student (or casual observer, for that matter) of history has to marvel at the interesting times in which we live. Countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and others in the Middle East that have been ruled for decades by...


Rich Cooper provides perspective in CQ article on Arizona shooting

In an article published in CQ Homeland Security – “Motive Puts Attack on Giffords Outside of Homeland Security Realm” – Catalyst Partner Rich Cooper weighed in on how the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others impacts DHS.From the...


Seeking Hard Answers from Commissioner Bersin on Predator UAS for Border Patrol

Last week, speaking at the Migration Policy Institute, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Alan Bersin gave a glowing review of the successes CBP was having in meeting its mission. Whether one agrees with Bersin's overall assessment, there was...


Olive and Faszcza take Russian Business Delegation on Tour

Jeffrey Faszcza and I are escorting a Russian business delegation on a trip through Middle America, showing them how areas in our country have drawn manufacturing and industry to non-urban centers. Below is an excerpt from a Times Record...


Three Years Later – PS-Prep Standards Announced

If patience is a virtue, those waiting for the Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep) Program have to have the patience of Job.After what can only be described as months (if not years) of delays, bureaucratic inertia, internal turf battles and...


Interview with Chertoff in 2009 Year in Homeland Security

Rich Cooper, Security Debrief contributor and Principal with Catalyst Partners, recently published an interview with former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in the 2009 The Year in Homeland Security. Below are some highlights from the Chertoff interview....



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