Catalyst Partners’ SAFETY Act practice lead Akmal Ali and Matt Nebel of Walter P Moore partnered with the International Association of Venue Managers to offer insight and discussion on SAFETY Act and new developments in protective design for sports venues and other facilities. The Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act was passed in 2002 to incentivize the creation and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies and provide liability protection to enterprises that adopt those technologies to secure their venues and operations.

Visit the Walter P Moore website to explore the webinar and Ali and Nebel’s discussion covering:

  • What is the SAFETY Act?
  • What types of venues can get the SAFETY Act and why?
  • After SAFETY Act was created, how were venues getting SAFETY Act originally? What are approved SAFETY Act technologies?
  • What has caused venue operators to consider additional protective design measures for protecting their facilities including vehicle ramming and blast-resistant design?
  • How do you design a facility for vehicle ramming and blast-resistant design?
  • Are there hurdles for doing vehicle ramming and blast-resistant design for a venue?
  • How do you see SAFETY Act continuing to develop?

Watch the full video and learn more about Catalyst Partner’s SAFETY Act practice.