Akmal AliIn a series looking at leaders who work at the intersection of athletics and security, the Sports Business Journal published an article covering the background, motivations and expertise of Catalyst Partners Principal and SAFETY Act expert Akmal Ali. The article reads in part:

“9/11 really impacted me and made me want to have a positive impact on security here in the homeland,” he said, crediting that reaction to his parents, who had fled to the United States during the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan. “My family gave me an opportunity millions of others didn’t have, the chance to be born and raised in the States, with access to education and a brighter future. I wanted to take advantage of that and do my part to make the world better. Also, maybe change some opinions about Muslims along the way.”

After earning his JD, Ali worked at DHS for nearly five years, last serving as deputy director of the Office of Safety Act Implementation. Working in the private sector, Ali has secured Safety Act coverage for more than one-third of the clubs in Major League Baseball.

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