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Oct 6, 2009

Catalyst Partners’ Cooper to focus on nurturing public-private partnership

Rich Cooper of Catalyst Partners has been named the chair of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Homeland Security Division (HSD), a position through which Cooper said he will seek to advance NDIA’s goal of fostering constructive relationships between private industry and the nation’s homeland security providers.

Cooper, who served as the business liaison director for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Private Sector Office (PSO) from 2003 to 2006, emphasized the need for constructive partnerships between the public and private sector to ensure effective solutions to the nation’s security needs.

“I’m delighted to be given this opportunity to strengthen the relationships, understanding and partnerships between the homeland’s stakeholders,” Cooper said. “Homeland security is a national mission that involves all of us, not just some of us and NDIA’s Homeland Security Division is committed to doing our part to achieve mission success. I look forward to continuing to foster these relationships and building new ones.”

Previously, Cooper served as vice-chair of the HSD.  Under his leadership, the division hosted the 2009 Homeland Security Symposium & Exhibition in Arlington, Va., in September. The annual symposium focused on improving the relationships between private sector and government stakeholders in homeland security, with a focus on topics such as resiliency, critical infrastructure protection, cyber security and new technologies to serve homeland security missions.

Currently, Cooper is a principal at Catalyst Partners, where he offers clients advice and strategic planning in emergency preparedness, business continuity, and science and technology development.

In his earlier role at the DHS PSO, Cooper helped develop programs and policies for private sector emergency preparedness efforts and continuity planning and worked closely with the 9/11 Commission and public and private stakeholders during the 2005 responses to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Cooper will hold the Homeland Security Division chairmanship position through August 2010.

About Catalyst Partners
Catalyst Partners, L.L.C., is a Washington, D.C. based government relations, business development and public affairs firm whose clients include Fortune 100 companies, major trade associations and small businesses. Catalyst’s primary focus is in helping its clients negotiate the federal and state marketplace for homeland security and homeland defense products and services. Catalyst Partners was named by The Hill newspaper as one of the most influential homeland security consulting firms in Washington.

About NDIA
The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security. NDIA is proud to provide a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues. Our members foster the development of the most innovative and superior equipment, training and support for our warfighters and first responders through our divisions, local chapters, affiliated associations and events.


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